Sunday Morning
  • 8:00 am – Prayer Breakfast
  • 9:45 am – Sunday School
  • 11:00 am – Worship Gathering
400 Admiral Callaghan Lane Vallejo, CA 94591

“We envision a multigenerational community of believers promoting a worshipful environment where people can personally encounter God.”

Our vision of a multigenerational community has inspired us toward “blended worship” where people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and styles are able to come together in one corporate worship. Hence, to be more inclusive, our worship services are conducted in English.

We ask all Parents & Guardians to have your kids (7 yrs. old & above) sit with you during the entire worship service. You are to guide them through each part of the worship service. This is the best worship training they can receive as they observe & imitate you.

Nursery (for infants to age 3) and “Children’s Time” (for ages 4-6) are options available for parents with kids of these young ages. These little ones join the corporate praise then are guided into the Sunday School rooms by volunteers who will minister to these children for the entire duration of the sermon.

“We envision a Christ-centered people who take pleasure in meeting God in authentic worship and prayer.”

When corporate worship is not dictated upon by current trends, personal needs, style preferences, and cultural backgrounds, then authentic corporate worship is made possible. Staying Christ-centered is what keeps us in focus and allows the Holy Spirit to move in our midst. Apart from Christ, worship cannot happen.

–Grace P. Jainga
Worship Minister