is Vallejo International’s intergenerational Prayer Meeting.
It’s our link to the Divine Power as a church family.
Know the power of prayer.

We sing praises, study the Word, share praises & prayer requests, then divide into small groups to pray. After the prayer time, we continue the conversation over a light, shared dinner.

Come bond with church family during our
Weekly mid-week Prayer Service
Every Wednesday
at the Vallejo International
Fellowship Hall

Current Bible Study Focus: The Book of Acts

Outreach Focus List

Vallejo International celebrates the church’s anniversary in the month of June.  Prayerfully, during our Anniversary Sunday worship service, the congregation takes time to fill out the form: download form here

People who fill out the form commit to personally pray for the people in their list and find ways to get in touch and reach out to them.

The church also commits to pray for the people in these lists. Thus, the lower portion of the form (copy of the list of names) is collected on that Sunday. Then every Wednesday after that, for the entire year, people who attend PowerLink pray for the people in these lists. The lists are updated every year during our anniversary. Some make new lists and some come up with the same names as they persevere in prayer for these beloved.

We see how God is at work through this ministry. We have stories to tell.

We have seen the power of prayer. Come help reach out through prayer.