While we believe that The Tithe (a tenth of one’s income) is God’s basic means of providing for church ministries, we also create more opportunities for better stewardship and more giving. Here are some ways:

When you use your grocery card (e.g. Safeway) or credit/debit card, participating stores give a percentage of your purchase amount to our church. First, go to www.eScrip.com & sign up your cards. Group Name: Vallejo International Baptist Church. Our Group ID number: 5672016

Christian Books & Gift items
When you buy your Christian books or gift items from Christianbook.com through our website, a percentage goes to our church.

Empty printer ink & toner cartridges
Help the church earn credits for office & kitchen supplies. Drop your cartridges in the bin provided at the church office.

Empty Bottles & Cans
Help raise funds for our mission trips. Please save and bring them to church.

Old cellphones
They provide extra income for the church. Drop them in the bin provided at the church office.

Yard Sales
When you do your Spring Cleaning, remember our annual yard sale. Gather all the stuff and save them. You may donate these items to the church during our Annual Church Yard Sale (usually held in the month of April).

Snack Donations
We have a “money bowl” for our weekly refreshments. Drop coins or any amount to donate for snacks. You may also sponsor refreshments on a given Sunday or donate supplies.