Pastor's Ponderings

  • How Old is “Old?”

    Over the weekend, I turned sixty. Sixty! That’s very close to the traditional retirement age. The end of the road is coming into view. And many young folk (including myself when I was younger) have the misguided notion that the sixtieth year somehow marks a condition of significant decline in

  • Love and Understanding

    One prayer meeting, I was wrapping up the devotional time. I do not remember now exactly what I was saying, but I was highlighting the main point. Unexpectedly, I was interrupted by an unusual source. A voice declared: “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean.” And everyone burst out

  • It’s About Who You Love

    I came across some reviews about a book published last year, You Are What You Love, by James K. A. Smith. While I have not read the book, what was said about it prompted me to engage in further reflection. I pass on to you two of the comments made