Pastor's Ponderings

  • The Offensive Deal

    A growing number of companies are pulling off their ads from YouTube. The issue is about certain video channels that they consider “offensive.” That is, they do not want their ads to appear on these channels that, in their estimation, runs counter to what their company stands for. In other

  • Let Grace Be Great Again

    The current atmosphere in American society can be unnerving. It seems that there is a general lack of graciousness, with the scent of anger and hostility lingering in the air. People of different opinions and persuasions—political or otherwise—are content to take the stance of “us” versus “them.” And the desire

  • FOMO

    Today I came across a word that is new to me. It is a word that was added to the Oxford English Dictionary as recently as 2013. The word is FOMO (spelled in capital letters), and is an abbreviation of “fear of missing out.” It describes the “anxiety that an