Pastor's Ponderings

  • Better

    A very prominent person accepted the task of being the guest editor for a recent edition of a magazine. The focus of the edition had to do with pushing “the limits of human intelligence and health.” In his editorial, the guest editor championed the idea that “humans—through our ingenuity, our

  • No Easy Christianity

    We like short cuts. We bemoan the process of deep learning that calls for the investment of time and effort. We demand, “Just give me the answer,” or, “Just tell me what to do.” We want the easy way. No wonder a number of resources have become quite popular. There’s

  • Selfie Culture

    Chris Matyszczyk wrote an interesting article in the CNET website. He makes some comments about a photo of Hilary Clinton waving at a crowd of women. What makes the photo unique is that every person in the crowd has her back facing Clinton, one hand raised and holding a smartphone,