Pastor's Ponderings

  • To Pass or Shoot

    In sports news last week was the recurring theme of the GS Warriors’ “assist streak.” In their last game against the LA Lakers, they “have hit the 30-assist mark for the 10th straight time, which is the second-longest such streak in NBA history.” And this assist streak somehow corresponds to

  • Salvaged Goods

    I finally completed all the required safety checks and paperwork to get my car reregistered. What a journey it was! About a month ago I was involved in an auto accident. My insurance adjuster assessed my car to be a total loss, even though the damage was mostly cosmetic in

  • Things Hidden, Things Revealed

    With the information explosion, it appears we are developing a sense of entitlement to all and every information available. We have become suspicious of people, especially the government, who seem to have hidden information. And we demand “full disclosure.” The recently concluded presidential campaigns were characterized by much “exposure” of