Pastor's Ponderings

  • Ideas and Reality

    I’ve been thinking about the ideas that we profess about faith and discipleship, about virtue and morality, about what’s truly important. How do these ideas actually translate to reality in our life experiences and our conduct? I do not quite remember where I heard or read this, but it has

  • Authentic Commitment

    Last week I visited an electronic service center. I engaged the technician in light conversation. Our interaction briefly moved to the matter of religious belief and practice. I discovered that he identified with a church. More specifically, the Maronite Catholic Church. But he was also quick to confess that he

  • Church On Demand?

    I recently received an email that announced the launching of a new internet resource for persons in ministry. It is a website that gives access to “HD video content library created to equip all ministry leaders,” featuring a popular Christian leadership expert, psychologist, teacher, and author. This resource will surely